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Hydrocolon Therapy
Medical Examinations
Mud Therapy
Rehabilitation Center
Steam room
Sulfur Water Pool
Yoga Classes



Tivoli’s thermal waters are naturally known and appreciated from the earliest antiquity of Rome.

There are numerous Latin writers who cite and deconstruct the beneficial virtues: for example, Pliny the Elder speaks of the Waters of Albule as the best place for the soldiers wounded in battle, who returned punctually healed. Also quoted by Virgil in Eneide, they were greatly appreciated by three emperors: Augusto benefited from the treatment of gout, Nero poured the waters up to Domus Aurea, while Adriano used them to feed the pools of the sumptuous Villa Adriana at Tivoli. The thermal baths therefore feature a pool of thermal water pools, open in the summer and unique in the Lazio thermal panorama, with 4 outdoor thermal swimming pools, two of which are particularly suitable for children, for a total surface of 6,000 square meters of water mirror; A wellness area “The Ways of Wellbeing”, a refurbished spa offering traditional spa baths as well as the possibility to enjoy various wellness routes.

In short, it’s an oasis of well-being and relaxation very close by the capital Rome.


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  • Ancient Roman thermal massage

  • Couple Massage

  • Vascular lymph drainage

  • Traditional body relax relaxation massage

  • Circulatory Massage

  • Anti cellulite aesthetic massage

  • Hands and feet massage

  • Lymphatic drainage with aromatic bandage

  • Cervical-back-lumbar massage

  • Californian massage

  • Emotional Californian Massage

  • Total body lymph drainage

  • Aromatherapy massage

  • Hot Stone Therapy

  • Hot Stone Therapy  4 hands

  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Nui Massage

  • Flower Massage


  • Face cleaning

  • Sulfur Mask

  • Lymphatic drainage / Body hair

  • Toning Body Massage

  • Smoothing and Rejuvenating Face Peeling

  • Biostimulating Face Anti-Aging Anti-Aging Treatment

  • Anti-Aging Biostimulant Medium Strong Face Treatment

  • Intensive Vitamin Treatment “c”

  • Biolifting massage

  • Ayurvedic Massage of the Face

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Definition Eyebrow

  • Aesthetic Pedicure

  • Aesthetic Manicure

  • Peeling And Hydrating Feet Treatment

  • Peeling And Hydrating Treatment Hands

Oriental Disciplines

  • Sanshui Therapy

  • Ki Harmony

  • Ayurvedic Massage

  • Shirodara

  • Feet Reflexology

  • Vietnamese Massage

  • Thai Yoga

  • Traditional Shiatsu

  • Zonal Shiatsu

Medical Spa

  • Otolaryngology

  • Dermatology

  • Aesthetic Medicine

  • Psychology

  • Physiotherapy

  • Pediatrics And Neonatology

  • Gynecology

  • Allergology

  • Psoriasis

  • Dermatitis

  • Vitiligo

  • Omeopatic Therapy

  • Nebulizations

  • Humage

  • Sonic Aerosol

  • Thermal Water Aerosol

  • Ionic Aerosol (Jonized)

  • Steam Inhalation

  • Micronized Nasal Shower

  • Mud Therapy


Sulfur Water Pool

The thermal bath of “Acque Albule – Terme di Roma”  are sulfuric, hypothermic and contains beneficial properties of its sulfuric. They preserve the name given to them since antiquity because of the whitish color (from the “albula” or “whitish water”) due to the gas emulsion that forms on the surface, when the pressure decreases Release carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide before dissolved in water. The waters flowing from the two Regina and Colonnelle lakes, north of the Tiburtina road, reach the spas in the amount of 3,000 liters per second.
Mineral water constantly keeps the temperature of 23 ° C throughout the year. In the 19th century, chemical analyzes confirmed the therapeutic powers of the Acque Albule. Today we know that sulfur is a powerful antibacterial natural with an important anti-inflammatory effect.


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Special Programs

Terme Di Roma offer various packages if you want to take or give a break of relaxation and well-being.
With personalized gift vouchers you can surprise those who care for you.

A virtual journey in which the body and the thermal water blend to allow the mind to relax. A set of water jets so positioned that all of the muscles from the cervical to the soles of the feet were massaged by water, which features the inner sulfur pool. For relaxed enthusiasts, a relaxing bath in the cozy whirlpool, necessary and enveloping after having walked in the vascular pathway.




Special Treatments

Dermatology and Psoriasis Cure

The association of Balneotherapy and Phototherapy has the goal of limiting the immune and inflammatory response in such a way as to normalize the speed of the skin replacement which is the basis of the pathology.

Among non-pharmacological topical therapies we can cite a natural therapy that is often very useful that is bathing spa therapy especially with sulphurous water. Phototherapy (sun exposure) is also effective.

Phototherapy with narrowband UVB lamps has been remarkably successful in recent years that have proved to be more effective and safer than both solar and other tanning lamps.

  • Hot Solfurious Bath

  • UVB radiation treatment

  • Hot bath with Phototherapy

  • Omeopatic Therapy

  • Topical Therapy

  • Autologous skin transplants

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