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Hydrocolon Therapy
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Wellness, history and nature are the main features of QC Termeroma, a country-chic 5 stars resort and spa built in the 1920’s. QC Termeroma Spa and Resort sits on a lush expansive park that are part of the Oasi di Porto nature reserve. The property includes three wandering buildings (Domus Lauri, Domus Rosae, and Iris) of chalk lime facades painted in bright shades of burnt earth all surrounded by trees and gardens, and several outdoor terraces.

Situated just 8-minute drive from Rome’s Fiumicino airport and a 30-minute drive from Rome, is the perfect location for those travelers who wants to relax in a beautiful environment away from city traffic and noise. Many find the treatments helpful to recover from jet lag, or rejuvenate before a long journey home. They offers a variety of treatments and services at its extensive wellness center including saunas, sensory tubs, whirlpool chairs, a hammam, hot tubs, massages, various indoor and outdoor pools, a Japanese bath, a fitness center and relaxation areas. There is also a “wellness path”  that crosses the basement of the buildings and ending in a Jacuzzi in the middle of the park.





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Thermae Caput Mundi. In imperial Rome spas were symbols of emancipation and prosperity, as well as a great example of architectural perfection and engineering skills thanks to their advanced water heating systems. Emperors vied to build greater spas than those of their predecessors, thus turning spas into veritable monuments of magnificent beauty. Roman citizens visited the spas in the early afternoon after their work day was over. The cycle of baths began by entering the balneum. After the balneum they moved to the tepidarium, where they were anointed with oils and remained for about an hour. The calidarium and laconicum followed, finishing with a dive in the frigidarium to fully enjoy the benefits of the warm cold effect. At the end, refreshed and fragrant, the Romans moved into other areas of the spa, where they read, admired works of art and enjoyed social entertainment. QC Terme wellness and spa centers has brought this ancient philosophy back to life by opening a spa at Fiumicino just a few kilometres from Rome; thus bringing the spa back to its birth-place, the location where it all began. The prestigious estate (now owned by the Sforza Cesarini family, descendants of Torlonia) consists of three historic buildings surrounded by an ancient garden. The resort is located on Via Portuense, the road built at the end of the first century A.D. in order to connect the city of Rome with its ancient harbour, found at the mouth of the Tiber. The hexagonal shape of the basin is named after the emperor Trajan, who commissioned the construction of this imposing work of exceptional value, a vital asset to supply the needs of Imperial Rome. The charm of history permeates every corner of QC Termeroma spa and resort. Thanks to its original architecture and its precious building materials, this Resort and Spa is able to bring back legends and traditions from the agricultural origins of the region that deserve to be told and remembered every day. In front of the main hotel building, a podium located in the shade of the sycamore trees brings to mind the traditional farmers “salute to life” celebrated every spring at the Torlonia estate, marking the start of the new working season. Antique and rare marble from all over the world, part of the Torlonia collection, come together in a refined pattern to decorate the bright and spacious bathrooms of the hotel rooms. Each and every room of the hotel boasts a different combination of colours. Pristine travertine marble flooring and a scenic cipollino marble waterfall characterize the bathtubs found along the route of the wellness program, thus making the time devoted to the relaxation and regeneration of body rich and suggestive for the spirit as well.  Spa guests can also enjoy events organized by wellness masters at our saunas and steam baths, massages and personalized treatments. Visit us in the evenings to enjoy an unusual appetizer in bathrobe by the pool, or a romantic bath under the stars. To wrap-up the QC Terme experience, you cannot miss the gourmet element. According to our wellness philosophy not only the spirit but also the palate needs to be satisfied. For this reason QC Termeroma offers our country-chic hotel guests a sumptuous buffet breakfast. We also offer a light lunch buffet during the wellness program composed of seasonal fruits and vegetables, hot and cold dishes, and light treats. The HIC QC Termeroma restaurant is open every evening, offering a wide range of gourmet dishes and a selected wine list, combining terroir and know-how to offer our guests a culinary experience par excellence.


  • Partial Massage

  • Facial Massage

  • Cervical Massage

  • Legs Massage

  • Light Feet Massage

  • Traditional Massage

  • Anti-Stress Massage

  • Morning Massage

  • Evening Massage

  • Couple Massage

  • Absolute QC Terme

  • Sea Mind Rebalance

Body Treatments

  • Lipo-slim coffee bandage

  • Shock Reducing  Mud Treatment

  • Ancient Roman Rose Scrub

  • Light Legs Treatment

  • Lipo Slim Sea Bandage

  • Global Shaping


  • Facial Beauty Treatment

  • Caviar Face Lifting

  • Hydra Triple Ialuronic

  • Energizing & Brightening

  • Epilation partial/complete

  • Manicure/Pedicure

  • Face Cleaning


  • Riding lesson

  • Beauty and Elegance Fashion Passport

  • Portus Romae Tour Guide

  • Ostia Antica Archeological Site

  • The Roman Aqueduct Tour Guide


 Wellness Farm

Termeroma is set in an natural frame of extraordinary value: the Oasis of Porto, a natural reserve on the Roman coast. An enchanting location where oak, pines, holm oaks and eucalyptus trees thrive. A place where guests have the possibility to live authentically immersed in a captivating natural frame, to find themselves in contact with atmospheres and landscapes recreating the charm of yesteryear. The exclusive spa, built inside the ancient cheese warehouses, enjoys the unique charm of former times due to its natural skylights, vaulted ceilings, secret staircases and colourful mosaics. The wellness program retraces the ancient spa practices with its whirlpools, sensory baths, waterfalls, saunas, steam baths, relaxation rooms and a natural solarium, and brings to life the biggest wellness garden in Rome, built on 10.000 square meters of lush greenery. The wellness farm is open daily for hotel guests as well as outside visitors to enjoy a day of complete relaxation.


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Wellness Food

Brunch at the spa

 A delicious brunch to stimulate your taste buds in the morning, includes savory snacks, local fruits and seasonal products.


Included in entrance price it is offered a rich appetizer buffet. Healthy and delicious food to conquer your palate without worry about your waistline.

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