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Hydrocolon Therapy
Medical Examinations
Mud Therapy
Rehabilitation Center
Steam room
Sulfur Water Pool
Yoga Classes



The Grand Hotel Terme Della Fratta was born from the beautiful structure dating back to the 1930s. The Hotel is located in Fratta Terme, a small village at the foot of Colle di Bertinoro, where you can find leisure facilities, villas and ancient dwellings immersed in greenery and silence, sanctuaries, millenary plumes and also enogastronomic itineraries that allow Visit of historic and evocative locals and wine cellars with tasting of typical products and wines. It is a territory where you can get in touch with the natural rhythms of the seasons, a place where you can find harmony and inner balance, thanks also to the benefits of the countless springs of Bertinoro’s land.

The Grand Hotel offers you an incredible variety of  waters: from the 11 springs of the park, there are 7 different thermal waters that possess vital properties for the health and well-being of the body. Theae waters are rich in mineral salts, hypothermic and, for the concentration of salts present in greater quantities are termed as Sauces, Salsobromoiodica, Sulphurous, Salsosulfur, Ferruginose, Magnesiache, Arsenic.


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  • Vinaccioli Oil Massage

  • Shiatsu

  • Holistic Massage

  • Myofascial Massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Hot Stone

  • Ayurveda Massages

  • Bio-energetic Anti-stress

  • Body Relax massage

  • Candle Massage

  • Chocolate Massage

  • Therapeutic

  • Sacral Crane Massage

  • Decontracting

  • Emotional

  • Energetic Massage

  • Aesthetic

  • Intestinal

  • Flowers Massage

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Synergistic


  • Face cleaning

  • Face Crystal Massage

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Anti-smog Treatment

  • Anti-acne Treatment

  • Glycolic acid treatment

  • Anti-age Treatment

  • Firming Treatment

  • Solarium Shower

  • Detox Body

  • Mud Treatments

  • Face mask

  • Pressure Therapy with Bandages

  • Oily body mask with spiral algae

  • Peeling Face and Body (standard/coffee/honey)

Aesthetic Medicine

  • Medical Aesthetics Check ups

  • Subcutaneous adipose tissue ultrasound

  • Glycolic acid with collagen mask

  • Long-lived hyaluronic acid

  • Salicylic acid (highly specific for acne)

  • Bio-minilifting

  • Cutters, stretch marks, acne residue

  • Collagen/hyaluronic acid

  • Radical wrinkle facial treatment

  • Lips filling

  • Compatibility Test (Collagen)

  • Age spots / décolleté / hands

  • Homeopathic pharmacological mesotherapy (in the treatment of cellulite)

Medical Spa

  • Inhalation Cures

  • Kinesiological Posture Examination

  • Vertebral manipulation

  • Osteopathy

  • Ear reflexology

  • RYODURAKU Food Intolerance Detector Test

  • Balneotherapy Peripheral Vasculopathy

  • Vaginal Irrigations

  • Mud Therapy

  • Analytic Electrolyte Therapy (Tens)

  • Infrared

  • Iontophoresis

  • Kinesiterapy

  • Laser therapy

  • Magneto-therapy

  • Hydrocolontherapy


Sulfuric water is a type of water that has an amount of 1 mg or more of H2S per liter, which gives it the classic smell, often called “rotten egg”. Their origin occurs in underground layers of the Earth in high temperature conditions, then they tend to emerge in the form of steam or hot water. Numerous studies have shown that sulphurous waters are particularly indicated as a cure of chronic diseases affecting the ear, nose, pharynx and larynx; They are also used in osteo-articular diseases, in disease diseases, in skin and gynecological diseases.

Salsobromoidic waters are present in geographic areas that were remote from the sea. The complicated name derives essentially from the chemical composition of these waters, predominantly formed of sodium chloride, iodine and bromine. Salmon bromide is very much used in spa treatments. It is mainly used in thermal baths, but also in thermal therapies dedicated to motor oil, vascular therapies and other branches of thermal medicine. From a therapeutic point of view, salobromoiodic waters are best known for their anti-inflammatory action.


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Special Programs

For bikers and professional cyclists, the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta has an equipped and secure indoor locked bicycle storage.
Guests can use the City Bike, Wi-Fi access in the room and in the main areas of the Hotel, and an Internet Point.

  • Bicycle garage

  • Workshop for repairs

  • Route maps and GPS devices

  • Guide for both road and MTB bikes

  • Laundry for sportswear

  • Weather service

  • Lunch package for excursion

  • Convention with specialist shop for repair and sale of bicycle items

  • Reinforced breakfast for athletes

Special Treatments

Hydrocolon Therapy

It is an intestinal cleansing treatment, known for many years in the US and other European countries, which has obtained very interesting results, envisages the use of low-pressure thermal water at a temperature of 36 ° C.

Through pressure cleaning, old, decades of accumulated and stagnant stools are eliminated throughout the colon circuit, causing the body to regenerate and heal itself.
With filtered water, the intestine is cleaned in a gentle and durable way. A slight massage made by the patient directs the flow of water in the affected area. The activity developed by the water and the stimulation of the intestine stimulated by the temperature change, favor the removal of stagnant intestinal contents.

What problems can help solve:


– Cellulite Disease
– Skin Aging
– All Acne Forms
– Alitosi
– Memory weakening
– Chronic Fatigue
– Chronic Arthropathies
– Headaches – Hair Fall

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